Greece at the Benaki Museum

Greece at the Benaki Museum

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The Benaki Museum is among those great benefactions that have enlarged the material assets of the Greek State, while being at the same time the oldest museum in Greece functioning as a Foundation under Private Law.

One result of this legal status is that its administrative structure and external policy, the management of the Museum’s finances, and its cultural activities are not subject to the restrictions of similar state bodies.

But it possesses other qualities too that give it its particular character, such as the invaluable material in its collections, the atomesphere of familiarity which it cultivates, the extent of its cultural reach and its contribution in scientific and educational projects, and the easy relations it enjoys with counterpart institutions both at home and abroad.

With its extensive collections that cover more than one cultural field and with its more general range of activities that serve more than one social need, the Benaki Museum is perhaps the sole instance of a complex structure within the wider network of museum foundations in Greece.

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