WHY IS IT WORTH  WAKING UP  EVERY MORNING?  Impressions and reflections on inspiration,  motivation, and collaboration

WHY IS IT WORTH WAKING UP EVERY MORNING? Impressions and reflections on inspiration, motivation, and collaboration

Γλώσσα: Αγγλικά

Margarita Kefalaki


We do need hope in this world of madness! Every day we face a lot of challenges, and although we should always count on our own strength to go on, we do need each other, we do need to know that we are not alone, we do need to be inspired and be reminded that life is beautiful! This is how the idea of creating this book came up. It initially started with phrases of empowerment that would be translated into other languages to express the importance of communication, exchange, and co-creation, but then the idea flourished and became more than this….
The global health crisis we face, with the emergence of this highly infectious virus called COVID-19 or corona (crown in Greek) virus, has proved how much we need to be together, collaborate, exchange, communicate, in order to be able to fight and win, in order to be able to live this little life of ours the best we can. Have we understood this reality, or will we in the near future? Well, only time will show. Nevertheless, what can we, educators and professionals, actually do to promote the values of communication, collaboration, education…? We do need to act! At least try to do something positive. We all can in our own way! Each and every one of us! We impact and somehow create the potential of future generations. Even a student, a human being who will understand, who will be impacted positively, counts! We can all make a little contribution for a better world! We all can!

This book aims to give a sign of hope, first of all to ourselves (to me as well!) and then to everyone who is ready to receive it (from us). Life is a game of impacts. The bird flying near us, the sky above us, the sea dancing with the wind, an unexpected smile from a stranger —each has an impact on us; we then have an impact on somebody else. If we all act with love and kindness, everything little by little will become love and kindness.

Let’s create a positive impact! Take my hand…smile…I will smile back at you. Do not be afraid. Maybe not everybody will understand, but by impacting positively, even one person can make a difference. Come with me, so we can create miracles; we can create a miracle…together….

The motivational phrases that follow, decorated, and travel along with pictures that speak and transfer messages, are translated to show that even if we are different (speak different languages), we are yet the same (have the same feelings, needs and dreams…). Enjoy and be inspired by why it is worth waking up each morning!

Παλιά, καλά βιβλία έχεις; Πούλησέ τα!